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Mine Site Visits 

Request Process:

First Step (prior to arrival)

Mine Site Access Request

Due to the nature of these sites, anyone who is not a BEL employee must complete this form at least 3 weeks prior to wanting to visit the mine site. If no work is intended 1 week notice will suffice.


Boreal Engineering Ltd uses Sitemate for our (Sub)Contractor Management platform. Please follow these steps for access to the form:

  • click on the link below   

  • Install the Sitemate app and login (or sign up to create your Sitemate ID)

  • Go to the Forms tab, then tap the green button

  • enter " k7jf7k " when asked to enter the link

  • Complete and submit the form

Or click on one of the PDF links below, complete the form and email to;

(if the link does not work please copy the link and paste in address bar) 

Wolvernie Mine Site Access Request

Ketza River Mine Site Access Request

Minto Mine Site Access Request

Second Step (prior to arrival)

After BEL receives the completed Mine Site Access Request form an invite to Sitemate will be emailed to the Visitor/(Sub)Contractor. The required forms and documentation to be completed will be listed on this site dependent on the type of visit or work to be performed.

  • If you are a visitor you will be required to complete the site visitor orientation to be authorized to visit site.

  • If you are a (sub)contractor that will perform Hands on Work you will be required to complete the contractor site orientation as well as work with Safety to complete the appropriate submissions outlined in the Boreal Contractor Management Program.

​​Site Orientation

 The orientation will ensure everyone has the following information:

  • Getting to Site including the road procedures, gate access & radio protocol

  • Site Arrangements

  • First Aid and Emergency Procedures

  • PPE Requirements

  • Road Procedures

Notice of Work (NoW)

This form is for contractors and consultants intending to undertake work at the mine site. Depending on the information provided in the Mine Site Access Request form and the reason for the visit a NoW might need to be completed. The NoW provides us with the following information:

  • Project Summary

  • Support Required

  • Access Requirements

  • Environmental Information

  • Scheduling

  • Health and Safety Information

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